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Editorials – April 2019

By spending time with florals, we are able to develop a closeness with nature and explore its inward beauty. We see the perfection in imperfections and observe the interplay between light and shadow. We welcome spring with the constant Camellia and its foliage.

Photography series in collaboration with Fernando Kabigting of FDK Florals, featuring Tracy Ju.

  1. Glass Overlap Side Slit Sheer Dress - Cream
  2. Dill High Collar Dress - White
  1. Saccha Layered Onesie - White
  1. Ostra Raglan Sleeve Top - White
  2. Sam High-Waisted Pocket Pant - White
  1. Ostra Raglan Sleeve Top - White
  2. Sam High-Waisted Pocket Pant - White
  1. Sediment Long Sleeve Onesie - White
  1. Triangle Midi Dolman Open Back Dress - White
  1. Dill High Collar Silk Dress - Brown Kelp
  1. Dill High Collar Dress - White
  1. Tofu Short Sleeve Boatneck Tent Dress - Wheat
  1. Lat Sleeveless Pleated Organza Dress - Cream
  1. Lat Sleeveless Pleated Organza Dress - Cream
  1. Kite Round Neck Silk Tunic Top - Kumquat
  2. Song Tu Wide Leg Silk Pants - Kumquat
  1. Ketel Layered Onesie - Clay
  1. Wind Chime Raised Collar Cropped Top - Cream
  2. Waterfall Deep Pleated Skirt - Cream

About FDK Florals

FDK Florals is founded by Fernando Daquiz Kabigting. Fernando was born in the Philippines and raised in Sacramento, California. Upon completion of his studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he eventually worked in the Advertising, Fashion, and Non-Profit industry. From his Bedstuy, Brooklyn apartment, Fernando created FDK Florals, in March 2018, around requests of his custom arrangements. He has since grown, partnering with both New York and national clientele. He views his practice as a form of communication, a conversation that crosses natural elements, cultural inspirations, and his continually growing customer base. Based in New York, seemingly at the center of the world and its resources, Fernando caritatively seeks for foraged matter, advocates for local growers, to conclude astonishingly artful floral moments.



Tracy Ju


Tomomi Sano


Fernando Kabigting, FDK Florals


Chương Phạm


Leanne Tran
Kathy Minh Bạch

Floral Material

Tall Greenery: Flowering Camellia Sasanqua Artichoke Foliage Sheet Moss and Japanese Kenzans


Go Kasai
Dash Marshall
Brendan Burdzinski