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SAP Series with Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Through a shared passion for exploring materials, Kaarem and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio introduce SAP, a series of vessels inspired by the practice of displaying plant arrangements — a fleeting attempt to capture living beauty.

Nhựa cây (sap in Vietnamese) literally translates to “plastic plant," or in this case, a resin form encapsulating moments of nature and time.

SAP uses hand-cast resin to encapsulate a swatch of original Kaarem fabric fluidly suspended within the form. Each is individually cut, draped, and cast, creating a unique expression of the materials interacting and becoming one.

Commissioned by Sight Unseen for Field Studies, a benefit exhibition at Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2018. Net proceeds from the sale of this item are donated to Aid to Children Without Parents. Purchase available at

SAP Ikebana base No. 01

SAP Tall vase No. 01

“The collaborative challenge became how we could celebrate the qualities of both rigid and soft materials to show a bit about each studio in one piece.” - Dylan David of Ladies & Gentleman Studio

SAP Tall vase No. 01, SAP Ikebana base No. 01

The Khaya print is inspired by the Xà Cừ trees (Khaya senegalensis) once lined Tôn Đức Thắng street, one of the oldest streets in the center of Sài Gòn.

About Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a multi-faceted design studio focused on exploration and play in design. Through their thoughtful approach, the studio offers objects from lighting, furniture, and accessories to creative direction of spaces, products and experiences - all aiming to inspire a sense of wonderment.



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