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The Mollis Black Collection

Introducing the Mollis Black Collection, a capsule collection designed with handwoven silks that are naturally dyed black with the Diospyros mollis fruit. This dyeing process is a traditional technique unique to An Giang province in the Mekong Delta. It requires craft and care, hand-dyeing the silk twice a day for 45 consecutive days. The handwoven silk, both raw and satin, are also naturally produced in Bảo Lộc, Việt Nam. Inspired by this process and the textiles, we designed the Mollis Black Collection.

  1. Tortoise Mollis Black Silk Dress - Black
  2. Song Tu Wide Leg Silk Pants - Mollis Black
  1. Mosaic Dropped Sleeve Mollis Black Silk Jacket
  1. Phoenix Organic Dye Boatneck Silk Dress / Size S - Mollis Black

A visit to a family-owned and operated mill in Tân Châu to view the handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. Watch our video:

A Visit to Mollis


Special Thanks


Anh Tam & his family for generously welcoming us and collaborating with us