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Que by Kaarem

a project by KAAREM

Que is KAAREM's first brick-and-mortar, located down a hẻm in a refurbished home in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn. We invite you, our dear friends & family, to join us as we develop this space ♡.

September 2020—both our shop and Upstairs are reopened at a limited schedule. To ensure everyone feels comfortable, we're limiting visits to one group in the store at a time - to keep a safe distance and for extra private shopping feels : ) Drop by, or make an appointment.

November 2020—we're now open on Thursdays!

Downstairs (Shop): Thursday to Sunday, 12pm to 7pm
Upstairs (Bar): Thursday to Saturday, 5pm to 10pm

Introducing—Lucky 99!

For Tết this year, QUE is excited to introduce reusable Bao Lì Xì / Lucky Lì Xì Silk Envelope Pouches and Dây Câu Chúc / Hand-Embroidered Lunar New Year Wish Trinkets—both available in-store starting today! The Bao Lì Xì symbolizes peace and goodness. Elders gift them to their children and grandchildren as a gesture to bring good health, happiness, and strength. Friends gift them to each other to wish one another a year filled with luck (something we could all use a bit of!).

Read more about the Tết Collection.

'99' is a lucky number in Vietnamese numerology ✰ & to keep on theme the pouches and trinkets are priced at 99k VND each.

We're Hiring!

Our team is slowly growing—we’re currently hiring! We’re looking for various roles in creative, operations and food & beverage. Please send a cover letter/bio to share more about journey, along with your CV to

Photo by Đạt Vũ at Que during the pre-event setup for the launch of ‘A Room of One’s Own’, a video by Thy and Trang for Kaarem.

Current Opening Hours:

Store Hours

Que Boutique
Thursday-Sunday, 12-7pm
or by appointment only

Café Hours

Que Upstairs
Thursday-Saturday, 5-10pm


118 Pham Viet Chanh
Phuong 19, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



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(coming soon)

1-on-1 Video Chat

If you're unable to visit the store physically or prefer the comfort of shopping from home, we'll walk you through our space virtually.

Send us a message to schedule a 1-on-1 video chat.
DM or FB @quekaarem or email

Wishing you were here ~
Enjoy Que Upstairs playlists in the comfort of your home:

Que's playlist I: "eeeoo"

Que's playlist II: "c u pstairs"

Que's playlist III: "celebration :-)"
'good vibes' sunday, thinking about summer & post-saturday evening eating and drinking festivities amongst friends ♡

Que's playlist IV: "NYE Playlist ‘Vui Vui 1.0’ ♡"
welcoming 2021!

About Us

Quê của bạn ởi đâu / Where is your hometown?

QUE is KAAREM’s cozy new home in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn. QUE (wɛ˧˧) serves as a physical place of meeting with the purpose of creating conversations and connections through craft, design and art. We hope that our designs, garments, and shared meals foster community and collaboration here in Vietnam and around the world.

KAAREM (kä·rəm) is a contemporary design brand rooted in Vietnamese tradition, including its signature use of a handcrafted áo dài blind stitch. Each piece is made with care in KAAREM’s design and production studio just three blocks down the road from QUE.

KAAREM’s name comes from the phonetic way our parents’ generation would pronounce crème -- an anachronistic way of saying ice cream in Vietnamese. With an accent, QUE can refer to hometown. With the accent removed, QUE can refer to a cone -- like an ice cream cone ;) Welcome.

  1. Lucky Lì Xì Silk Envelope Pouch - Red Floral
  2. Hand-Embroidered Lunar New Year Wish Trinket ~ Thọ / Longevity

Official Grand Opening is postponed until further notice. Stay safe everyone!