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Eatery 108 Canteen Pop-Up ở QUE

Events – October 2020


Long time supporter of Que and Kaarem, Moon (Heewon), is a the maker behind Eatery 108's healthy delicious vegan treats. We are so excited to announce that 108 is coming to our space this weekend.



Friday, October 16th & Saturday, October 17th


5-10pm (drinks)
5-9pm (food service)


Sunday, October 18th


12-5pm (drinks)
12-3pm (food service)

Boutique Opens:

Friday to Sunday

Boutique Hours:

12-7pm or by appointment


118 Pham Viet Chanh
Phuong 19, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Moon has made a special menu just for Que!

The menu is inspired by the transition from day to night; at the start of Saigon's sunset at four o'clock. Also drawing inspiration from the new colors of Kaarem's Fall / Winter clothing (coming to the shop later this month).

In collaboration, Kaarem's creative director, Chuong Pham, has made a small run of ceramics plates to eat said delicious things off of; the colors of the ceramic glaze are also drawn from the same sources of inspiration. In addition, Que's good friend, Tuyen, is making focaccia bread for the Sunday brunch.

To accompany 108's Canteen and Brunch Pop-Up we also made a few new special drinks.

Ổi Bloody Mary (made with freshly squeezed tomatos and homemade sriracha made from chilis grown at Kaarem's studio garden - images below)

Gừng Nghệ Elixir (non-alcoholic)
Not pictured—Chanh Dây Mimosa

Chilis grown at Kaarem's studio garden

*The special drinks are in addition to our regular drink menu and only available this weekend. Our selection of natural and organic wines, our signature cocktails and an assortment of Cù Rú rice wines will still available.

Come nourish with us this weekend :)

About 108

108 — A plant based Eatery.

"Longtrack food, ferment art, plant-based food and dessert, herb blending."

Link: 108eatery

About Que

Quê của bạn ởi đâu / Where is your hometown?

QUE is KAAREM’s cozy new home in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn. QUE (wɛ˧˧) serves as a physical place of meeting with the purpose of creating conversations and connections through craft, design and art. We hope that our designs, garments, and shared meals foster community and collaboration here in Vietnam and around the world.

KAAREM (kä·rəm) is a contemporary design brand rooted in Vietnamese tradition, including its signature use of a handcrafted áo dài blind stitch. Each piece is made with care in KAAREM’s design and production studio just three blocks down the road from QUE.

KAAREM’s name comes from the phonetic way our parents’ generation would pronounce crème -- an anachronistic way of saying ice cream in Vietnamese. With an accent, QUE can refer to hometown. With the accent removed, QUE can refer to a cone -- like an ice cream cone ;) Welcome.