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At Home With Cát Tiên

Editorials – July 2020

A glimpse into Cát Tiên’s sphere, perched away from the noise of the city. Cát Tiên spends a day at home in thoughtful movements.

Translucent curtains are drawn; allowing for muted light to disperse. The plants are shielded from the direct tropical sun. Reference books are intuitively flipped to an unset page, allowing for the possibility of chance. A well weathered backgammon set sits atop of an heirloom coffee table, open for a myriad of potential moves to be visualized.

A day of rest, spent at home, giving space to each singular activity to present its interconnectedness to one another.

  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Lemon
  2. Seed Pleated Tapered Pant w/ Elastic (Unisex) - Dark Cream
  1. Mint Back Split Wrap Top - Dark Cream
  2. Stamen Cropped Pocket Pant w/ Elastic - Charcoal
  1. Clausena Scoop Neck Pocket Onesie - Taro
  1. Tide Sleeveless V-Neck Tent Dress - Beige
  1. Bon Bon One-Button Side Tunic - Dark Blue
  2. Stamen Cropped Pocket Pant w/ Elastic - Charcoal



Cát Tiên


Chương Phạm

Styling & Production

Karen Thảo La

Special Thanks

Chí-An De Leo

Featured Styles