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A Room of One’s Own

Videos – July 2020

A video by Thy Tran and Trang Doan featuring Chân Mày.

“Lock up your libraries if you like, but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
- Virginia Woolf

‘A Room of One’s Own’ creates space to engage in dialogue with oneself—a necessary space of reflection.

To be able to call a corner of the world one’s own, even if it may be just a small section of a room; to arrange things to one’s liking, which only becomes disorderly by one’s own doing is a pleasure.

In this space, Chân Mày sits with their favorite things: a glass of wine, a green pomelo, a taro colored outfit and a white terrazzo bench. The room itself becomes a physical representation of one’s dreams; a quiet and safe space to sit in contemplation; enjoying the simplicity of singular gestures and the passing of time.

  1. Chùm Chày Sleeveless Folded Back Dress - Leaf Green
  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Beige
  2. Flute Wide Leg Pant - Beige
  1. Siamese Sleeveless Folded Back Top - Taro
  1. Lotus Layered Folded Back Top - Rust Orange
  2. Seed Pleated Tapered Pant w/ Elastic (Unisex) - Dark Cream
  1. To He One-Button Cropped Pocket Jacket - Light Brown
  2. Chùm Chày Sleeveless Folded Back Dress - Leaf Green

Artist Bios

Thy Tran

Thy Tran (b. Ho Chi Minh City, 1988) is a Vietnamese-Australian visual artist currently living and working in Saigon. She moved to Melbourne, Australia as a teenager, graduated in 2012 with a BFA from MADA at Monash University, moved back to Vietnam in 2015. She was a freelance fashion photographer in Melbourne and continues to work commercially in Saigon, while also devoting time to personal and collaborative projects. In 2017, Tran announced the release of her debut photobook ‘Cacher’, published by NB.



Trang Doan (b. Ho Chi Minh City, 1991) is a director & cinematographer based in Saigon. She has a background in photography and two years training as a cinematographer at Noroff Film Production in Oslo, Norway.

Trang treats her camera as a character in the scene, exercises framing, tries different camera angles and uses the various types of shots to set the tone for the scenes. By understanding the language of visual storytelling, she knows how to bring the storyline with director’s vision into the frames.



Director + Art Director

Thy Trần

D.O.P + Editor

Trang Đoàn


Chân Mày

Producer + Stylist

Karen Thảo La

Hair + Makeup

Tâm Huỳnh Nguyên

Production + Still Photography

Chương Phạm


Que by Kaarem
118 Pham Viet Chanh
Phuong 19, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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