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Inspiration: The Mango Plant

Lookbooks – April 2020

For Spring/Summer 2020, we found inspiration from homegrown mango trees near the beaches of Cam Ranh, in the central coast of Vietnam.

Xoài Thủy Triều, or Tide Mango. The unique terroir of Vietnam provides these with its distinct flavor: juicy, complex with a good balance of sour and sweet. The tide mango trees are planted into sandy soil and nourished by coastal sunlight and sea water brought in by the tide. Thủy Triều mangoes are robust - it has adapted well to the lagoons and can sustain itself even during the driest of seasons.

Thủy Triều mangoes began its journey in India and made its way to Vietnam when the French brought seedlings with them over a century ago. Local farmers started planting the mango seeds at home in Cam Ranh, but never commercialized production due to the long period it takes for the mango trees to bear fruit. It’s a fruit that is shared with family and communities.

  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Beige
  2. Flute Wide Leg Pant - Beige
  1. Mango Short Sleeve V Pocket Dress - Lemon