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Editorials – June 2020

A photography series by Andinh Ha featuring Amanda Luu. In collaboration with our friends, Abacus Row and Studio Mondine, for the fourth installment of AR et al. no.4.

Clothing: KAAREM
Jewelry: Abacus Row
Set: Studio Mondine

Jewelry: Abacus Row Dorado Necklace - fawn

  1. Saccha Layered Onesie - Turquoise

Jewelry: Abacus Row Arche Necklace - mist

  1. Clausena Scoop Neck Pocket Onesie - Taro
  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Beige
  2. Flute Wide Leg Pant - Beige

Jewelry: Abacus Row Simi Wrap - shore

  1. Giang Bi Dropped Sleeve Back V Organza Silk Pocket Dress - Pink
  2. Beryl Low Back Dress - Black

Jewelry: Abacus Row Gobi Wrap - matte silver

  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Beige

Jewelry: Abacus Row Alluvial Ryn Necklace - cloudscape

  1. Ca Sleeveless Maxi Racerback Tent Dress - White

Jewelry: Abacus Row Leo Necklace

  1. Chùm Chày Sleeveless Folded Back Dress - Leaf Green

Jewelry: Abacus Row Lala Earrings - fawn

  1. Emerald Mockneck Short Sleeve Dress - Rust Orange

Jewelry: Abacus Row Aries Necklace - grey

  1. Cat Chu Back Knot Tie Onesie - Dark Cream/Blush

Jewelry: Abacus Row Kari Earrings

  1. Mango Short Sleeve V Pocket Dress - Lemon


About Studio Mondine

Studio Mondine is a floral design studio based in foggy San Francisco, California. We seek to balance the lushness of English garden arrangements with the precision of Japanese ikebana in our work. We look to nature and the changing of the seasons to inform our designs. It's with feverish enthusiasm that we seek out the rarest ingredients, working directly with the finest flower farmers in the nation or cultivating these special blooms ourselves in our small cutting garden.

About Abacus Row

Abacus Row is an independent brand of refined and understated jewelry. Our line reflects an unexpectedly subtle approach to beadwork. Thoughtfully detailed and meticulously crafted, each piece is designed for the sophisticated individual with a discerning eye and effortless sense of style. Our jewelry is crafted in-house, at our production studio and showroom located in Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA.



Amanda Luu


Andinh Ha

Hair & Make-Up

Christina Chen

Styling & Production

Christine Nguyen Vaeth
Christine Trac
Kathy Minh Bach


Abacus Row

Florals and Set

Studio Mondine


Abacus Row
Showroom and Studio
1256 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Special Thanks

Anh Truong Lim
Brian Vaeth
Christine Trac
Christine Nguyen Vaeth
Denise Leong
Julie Bach
Ronnie Lin
Ryan Lim

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