Ladies & Gentlemen x Kaarem on

Ladies & Gentlemen x Kaarem featured on on May 14, 2018.

During Design Week, Celebrities Lend a Hand in the Creation of Home Objects
by Samantha Rees

"Designers Ladies & Gentleman Studio, who joined forces with the fashion designers behind Kaarem, opted for a more literal collaboration concept with SAP, a series of vessels. The hand-cast resin vases—intended for plant arrangements like ikebana—each encapsulate a swatch of Kaarem fabric, which floats within the vase as if it were suspended in water. It’s a meeting of two disciplines and, as Ladies & Gentleman Studio co-founder Dylan David noted, “the collaborative challenge became how we could celebrate the qualities of both rigid and soft materials to show a bit about each studio in one piece.”



Kaarem x Ladies & Gentlemen Studio featured on for Field Studies at Sightunseen OFFSITE 2018


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Photo: Josh Gaddy / Courtesy of Sight Unseen OFFSITE