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Pebble by Rosie Li & Michael Yarinsky

Editorials – May 2019

A photography series in collaboration with Rosie Li and Michael Yarinsky for the debut of Pebble.

Inspired by stone stacking, Pebble plays with dimension and balance using rounded, interlocking planes and illuminated milk glass globes. Machined aluminum and orderly rows of fasteners recall hand-riveted 1940s airplane hulls, highlighting Pebble's organic forms and their relationship with the natural and machined. Designed in collaboration between lighting designer Rosie Li and architect Michael Yarinsky.

Photography by Charlie Schuck.

  1. Tortoise Sleeveless Layered Dress - Natural
  2. Song Tu Wide Leg Silk Pants - Persimmon Yellow
  1. Dill High Collar Dress - Yellow
  1. Sabja Boatneck Low Back Onesie - Textured Dark Blue
  1. Sabja Boatneck Low Back Onesie - Textured Dark Blue
  2. Grain Organza Silk Dress - Cream
  1. Rong Sleeveless Split Neck Top - Seaweed Green
  2. Patches Midi Textured Silk Cotton Skirt - Seaweed Green
  1. Sand Wave Mid Sleeve Pleat Shirt - Dark Blue
  2. Sumac Diagonal Pleated Pant - Dark Blue
  1. Ostra Raglan Sleeve Top - White
  2. Sam High-Waisted Pocket Pant - White
  1. Ketel Layered Onesie - Red Sand

About Rosie Li

Rosie Li is a Chinese-born American designer focusing on sculptural lighting. Lifelong interests of drawing and sculpture led her to attend Rhode Island School of Design, where Li graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Furniture Design. Shortly after graduating, she launched her design career by partnering with Roll & Hill to produce ‘Stella’ – a series of Op Art-inspired mirror sconces.

Li’s love for lighting design eventually grew into her eponymous studio practice, where she blends geometric forms with organic elements. Her works challenge visual perception and blur the lines between product and sculpture. Rosie Li currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


About Michael Yarinsky

Michael Yarinsky Studio is an interdisciplinary design office specializing in architecture, interiors, and furniture. The work is marked by one main theme - the idea that modernism should have materiality. Modernism only begins to approach the sublime when it is not sterile – when it is lived in and has texture. Much of the work attempts to bring the “texture” to clean modernism through the use of new and unexpected materials, technology, form, and color. Texture is also created by challenging the program of the space/design to create unexpected moments of interaction. A design should be aesthetically appealing, yes, but should make you feel something.

Michael Yarinsky received his degrees in Architecture from Pratt Institute and has been practicing ever since. Previously, as Project Manager at Specht Architects in New York, Michael's main focus was residential architecture and interiors. Prior to Specht, Michael worked several years for Janson Goldstein designing for high-end retail, commercial, and residential clients globally. Michael's work has been has been published by Interior Design, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, T Magazine, Architect Magazine, Architect's Newspaper, Creator's Project, NY Mag, Sight Unseen, Design Milk, eVolo, and Paper Magazine. Aside from practice, Michael runs Design Field Trip with Jean Lee and Dylan Davis of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, and is the lead curator for Cooler Gallery outside the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


About Charlie Schuck

Charlie Schuck works as a photographer and director. Free time is spent on a range of creative projects, collaborating with friends, and sailing. Charlie grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and now lives in New York. His work is greatly influenced by the natural world and its various qualities of light. Charlie enjoys employing a more naturalistic quality of light within studio and a more designed approach to natural light outdoors.




Theolanda Franco


Charlie Schuck

Creative Directors

Michael Yarinsky
Rosie Li

Hair & Make-up

Hannah Hurley

Prop Styling

Natasha Felker

Clothing Styling

Kathy Minh Bach
Leanne Tran
Chuong Pham


Rosie Li x Michael Yarinsky



Special Thanks

22 Wavery Studios
Reform Showroom
Cooler Gallery
Nastia Kobzarenko
Kaelie Barnard
Khuyen Lai

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