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Array 1 to 9

Stories – January 2014

In ARRAY 1 to 9 video performances, we will have a woman present herself disrobed and perform the simple act of putting on garments - provided by Kaarem. Each performance will take place outdoors in New York, Los Angeles, HCMC, Ha Giang, and Berlin. The performances will be organized to be as uniform as possible to create a psychological unity with our performers despite their large distances from each other. These videos explore elements of diaspora, unity despite geography, and natural versus public self.

Stills from ARRAY 1 to 9 Video Performance:


Creative Director

Andinh Ha


Maria Van Nguyen (New Windsor)
Jean Guo (Los Angeles)
Rachel Nguyen (Los Angeles)
Simone Nguyen (New York City)
Julia Doan (Berlin)
Lena (Ho Chi Minh City)
Nhocdenthui (Ha Giang)

Special Thanks

Denise Leong
Roger Ayson
Casey Unterman
Raul Gasteazoro
Minh Nhat Phat
Khanh Phan
Ronnie Lin
Lena Bui