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Mexico City with Vanha Lam

Stories – April 2015

"News today and tomorrow a ruin, buried and resurrected every day, lived together in streets, plazas, buses, taxis, movie houses, bars, hotels, pigeon coops and catacombs, the enormous city that fits in a room three yards square, and endless as a galaxy."

- Octavio Paz on Mexico City, 1976

Alejandro Castro’s Intervención

View through the plastic window of an agua fresca stand, Colonia Roma Norte

Wall and joinery detail of Intervención by Alejandro Castro’s, Museo Tamayo

Found quiet, found sky inside Alejandro Castro’s Intervención, Museo Tamayo

  1. Dill High Collar Dress - Dark Grey

Exterior of Alejandro Castro’s Intervención, Museo Tamayo

Museo Nacionale de Anthropología

Repetition in the exterior of Museo Nacional de Anthropologia

  1. Dill High Collar Dress - Dark Grey

Jardín de Botánico

Wooden crates scattered on the grounds of Bosque de Chapultepec

Local flora inside the glass greenhouse of Jardín Botánico

Sculpture Garden at Museo de Arte Moderno

Through a Sebastián at the sculpture garden of the Museo de Arte Moderno

  1. Wind Chime Raised Collar Cropped Top - Camel

Enjoying a break from afternoon rain against Sebastián's Arco de Roberto

  1. Dill High Collar Dress - Dark Grey

Sebastián's beautifully etched signature below the sculpture

Lago de Chapultepec

Sitting along the edge of the pond at Lago de Chapultepec

  1. Dill High Collar Dress - Dark Grey

Mexico City was a city built on shallow lake beds. When it rains, it floods; history of a sinking city.

Casa Luis Barragán

Soft light inside Mexican architect, Luis Barragan's home and studio

About Vanha Lam

Vanha Lam is a San Francisco-based designer and researcher practicing at the intersection of art, architecture, and technology. Founded Site and Stasis, an archive of disappearing architecture, emerging landscapes, and temporary interventions. Assisted with exhibitions through Department of Architecture, a pop-up architecture gallery. Curated Topography, a radio program broadcasting site-specific sound, sound art, and other forms of experimental music. Studied environmental design at the University of California, Davis.




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