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Lotus Seeds by Khoi Pham

Stories – October 2018

We collaborated with illustrator Khoi Pham to create artwork in tandem with our five year anniversary celebration. Finding inspiration in Pam Yung’s menu for Kaarem, as well as his early childhood memories of Vietnam, Khoi illustrated five Vietnamese fruit/seed: Lotus, Durian, Tamarind, Kumquat, Persimmon.

Lotus Seeds, 2018

Durian, 2018

Tamarind, 2018

Kumquat, 2018

Persimmon, 2018

About the Artist

Khoi Pham is a self-taught illustrator based in New York City. He was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and raised in San Jose, CA. With over ten years of experience in photography post-production, he implements the same technical aspects of composition and color-grading, preserving the textures into his digital painting. By use of contrasting tones, textures, and whimsical details, he aims to create a peculiarity within an otherwise mundane scene, as well as character and movement in an inanimate object.

He has collaborated with local musicians and designers, and is continually commissioning artworks.