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Ballet Waves with Frances Chung and Max Cauthorn

Videos – March 2023

A series of movement and dance with Frances Chung and Max Cauthorn along the California coast, exploring the harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Music score by Tuyến Bùi.

From the high cliffs to the shores, we capture images of dancers as they improvise their dance with the elements of nature around them.

As waves crash onto the shore, washing away their footprints, we are reminded of the impermanence of our existence. Yet, in that fleeting moment, we create memories that may become long-lasting.

As birds are flying above, the dancers below continue to sway and move, letting the air and wind guide every step.



Frances Chung (@franadian)
Max Cauthorn (@bobby_maxx)

D.O.P + Still Photography:

Chương Phạm

Styling & Production

Kathy Minh Bạch

Music & Video Editing

Tuyến Bùi


Abacus Row


Fort Funtson Beach, San Francisco, CA

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