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  1. Firework Long Cotton Silk Raglan Button-up Áo dài Shirt Tunic/Dress in Lemon
  2. Ochna Long Wide Leg Pocket Pant w/ Elastic in Lemon


The fusion of tradition and dynamism is embodied in this garment. The panels elegantly extend from the arm openings, ensuring a comfortable fit for the dress, and the majority of the production process involves meticulous handsewn craftsmanship, resulting in a soft, embracing shape.

The design opts for a subdued luminosity, avoiding excessive brightness and minimizing intricate details for a simplistic aesthetic.

Here, fireworks symbolize the welcoming of goodness and gentleness.

In Sài Gòn, the sight of people lighting up their own fireworks is rare. However, upon returning to Cam Ranh, especially in the days leading up to and during Tet, the evenings come alive with the sounds and sights of fireworks. This coastal area, home to the seafood and fishing industries, believes that the noise and light will dispel negativity, bringing peace and luck to families and ensuring safe sea journeys." - Khuyên Lại (Kaarem Studio Director, Designer)

  1. Firework Long Cotton Silk Raglan Button-up Áo dài Shirt Tunic/Dress in Lemon
  2. Ochna Long Wide Leg Pocket Pant w/ Elastic in Lemon
  1. Ochna Long Wide Leg Pocket Pant w/ Elastic in Lemon
  1. Firework Long Cotton Silk Raglan Button-up Áo dài Shirt Tunic/Dress in Lemon
  1. Olea Wide Leg Elastic Waist Pant - Brown Sand


A unique side slit detail distinguishes the front panel from the pocket located at the back of the coat. This design offers a versatile connection point, enabling creative styling options for the front panels.

The coat's overall structure is robust, reminiscent of a bamboo tube. Yet, when separated, it takes on a flexible and soft quality, akin to the nature of bamboo.


These wide-legged pants boast a comfortable elastic waist and stand out with a distinctive curved pocket design.

Named after a specific tree, its sap is utilized to craft a refreshing summer dessert. Moreover, the tree provides additional health benefits.

  1. La Lan Bralette Open Back Top w/ Tie (Petite/Reg) - Light Cream
  1. Olea Wide Leg Elastic Waist Pant - Brown Sand
  1. Starfish Sleeveless A-Line Cropped Top / Size M - Avocado
  1. Cloud Burst 8-Pleated Pocket Skirt w/Elastic in Lemon

Cloud Burst

The design and form evoke the image of raindrops cascading down a fence. The drops are sizable and descend rapidly, carrying away the dust. The greenery is bathed in a refreshing coolness. The rain swiftly moves through, leaving the atmosphere clear and revitalized.

Crafted from eight pieces of fabric to achieve a powerful emphasis.


The name ""Sung"" carries dual meanings, representing both a type of fruit (fig) and an integral part of a prayer. This dress embodies numerous messages and well-wishes. During Lunar New Year, fruits are intentionally combined to convey specific prayers: a wish for abundance (soursop), fairness (coconut), sufficiency (papaya), and utility (mango). Additionally, ""Sung"" is paired with other terms to symbolize concepts of 'prosperity' and 'fulfillment.'

The dress takes inspiration from the Pháo Đất (Clay firecracker), a folk tradition steeped in superstition. Its shape reflects the practice of enclosing a pocket of air between two large slabs of clay, surrounded by a lengthy singular clay coil. This clay pocket, when thrown to the ground, produces an explosive sound upon bursting open. The louder the noise and the longer the intact coil, the more favorable the weather, promising a bountiful crop and a prosperous life.

Featuring a neck tie accent, this dress offers versatile styling options. The high side slit adds a dynamic touch to the overall design.


We found inspiration from the Thuỷ Triều Mango tree, which was named by the local people because it's widely grown on the edge of Thuỷ Triều lagoon in Cam Ranh Bay.

As a perennial plant, the tree grows strongly in sunny, windy, and sandy areas, with few storms due to the shelter of the bay, and has overcome many droughts to continue to bear abundant fruit. Therefore, the fruit always has the rich sweetness of the sea and the bright yellow color of the sun when ripe

More than 100 years ago, the French came to Vietnam and brought with them mangos originating from India. From then, they're sprouted and developed over time. Up to now, Thuy Trieu Mango is considered a natural fruit, but is rarely developed commercially, becoming a small gift to share with friends and neighbors.

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