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Editorials – March 2024


We found inspiration from the Thuỷ Triều Mango tree, which was named by the local people because it's widely grown on the edge of Thuỷ Triều lagoon in Cam Ranh Bay.

As a perennial plant, the tree grows strongly in sunny, windy, and sandy areas, with few storms due to the shelter of the bay, and has overcome many droughts to continue to bear abundant fruit. Therefore, the fruit always has the rich sweetness of the sea and the bright yellow color of the sun when ripe

More than 100 years ago, the French came to Vietnam and brought with them mangos originating from India. From then, they're sprouted and developed over time. Up to now, Thuy Trieu Mango is considered a natural fruit, but is rarely developed commercially, becoming a small gift to share with friends and neighbors.

Thanh Ca

Elegance and dynamism lie in the style of the dress

Thanh is taken from 'Thanh Nhã' (elegant), Ca from 'Du Ca' (movement that operates in culture & arts), carrying the meaning of graceful movement

  1. Gourd Cap Sleeve Long Pocket Jumpsuit in Coral


Drawing inspiration from the traditional áo dài, this jumpsuit cleverly conceals itself within the appearance of a slit dress.

The use of a reversed cutting technique eliminates unnecessary seams while effortlessly adding accents, resulting in a sophisticated garment.

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Zoe Franklin


Lợi Xuân Ly
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Steve Huynh

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