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Khoảng – Không, Part 2

Stories – September 2019


A photography series by Kim Tố Lan Nguyễn. Shot in Đà Lạt, Việt Nam.

Đi chơi vòng vòng | Around and About

Đi ăn sáng mì Quảng kiểu Đà Lạt, một biến thể nhiều rau củ quả của món mì đặc trưng của người dân Quảng Nam khi di cư lên cao nguyên Đà Lạt vào nửa đầu thế kỷ 20. Cô bán hàng dễ thương mà người ăn cũng dễ thương. Mặt sau mấy ngôi nhà phố và con kênh chạy qua thành phố. Chỗ ngồi cũ, chỗ ngồi mới mà như thân quen lắm rồi.

Be free. We are creatures in an artificial habitat like a biosphere but a biosphere made of brick and concrete. Traveling as the crow flies but constricted and limited and told you can only walk here. And more than that we have come to believe that your worth depends on what you do, what you produce. We are reduced. To our possessions and this obsession engenders shame and fear. So, in this artificial world the act of Being is an intentional act. Be. Be free.

Allow yourself to find the flows of the natural world and stand firm. Let the wind blow and wrap around you like water wraps around a rock in a stream. And allow yourself wonder. Allow yourself to dream.

Find a space where you can let your mind connect to the universe in this. The present moment. A bubble of awareness, a place more concerned with understanding than it is with fairness. A bubble in time where you can stop. Stop.


In this constructed world where form is prized over function find a space where you can embrace the formless. A space as large as a forest. Or maybe even as small as the clothes you wear but slip. Slip into that space so that you can Be. That you can be free.



Kim Tố Lan Nguyễn


Uyen Nguyen-Cwinn

English Writing

Eli Cwinn

Vietnamese Writing

Tố Lan


Quán Bà Năm, Quán Đương Đà Lạt, Việt Nam