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An editorial by Amanda Thơ Phạm and Linda Ha, featuring Kaarem outfits for Tết.

Tết is a time to gather, pay respects to ancestors, welcome Spring and celebrate the New Year. We carry on the rich traditions of Tết to celebrate and connect with our Vietnamese heritage. In moments where the future seems uncertain, connecting to our past gives us an opportunity to find a light to move forward.

  1. Song Tu Wide Leg Printed Organza Silk Pant - Clay Swirls
  1. Weed Halter Pocket Dress w/ Removable Straps - Crimson Red

In preparations for the New Year, many families decorate their homes with colorful flowers. Hoa mai is most common in the southern region of Vietnam while hoa đào is popular in the North.

Bánh chưng is the soul of Tết, and making them is an ideal way to express gratitude to our ancestors and homeland. Bánh chưng, with its square-shape representing the Earth, is used as offerings on Lunar New Year’s Eve and to be shared with friends and family.

Placing a "five-fruit tray" on the ancestral altar during Tết symbolizes the admiration and gratitude of the Vietnamese to Heaven and Earth and our ancestors. It also demonstrates our aspiration for a life of plenty.

It isn’t a celebration without some rounds of Bầu cua tôm cá! This is a simple dice game with animal figures for lucky gambling.


Photography & Video

Kathy Bach
Chuong Pham

Art Direction

Amanda Thơ Phạm & Linda Ha



Misa Floral

Amanda Thơ Phạm is a Brooklyn, NY based Vietnamese-American photographer and designer.

Instagram: @aphamphotos

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