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Reunion by Donalrey Nieva

Editorials – August 2020

Reunited at the Waterfall House. The sharp mid-afternoon rays of summer in the Catskills, a thunderous and mesmerizing backyard waterfall, and a 70's A-frame home made for an ideal setting to enjoy some of nature's finest theatre.

A photography series by Donalrey Nieva.

  1. Cat Chu Back Knot Tie Onesie - Dark Cream/Blush
  1. Mint Back Split Wrap Top - Leaf Green
  2. Waxy Pleated Tapered Cropped Pant (Unisex) - Leaf Green
  1. Canarium V-Neck Side Split Tent Top - Rust Orange
  2. Seed Pleated Tapered Pant w/ Elastic (Unisex) - Dark Cream
  1. Stigma Layered Back Knot Tie Tank - Lemon
  2. Stamen Cropped Pocket Pant w/ Elastic - Light Brown
  1. Siamese Sleeveless Folded Back Top - Taro
  2. Stamen Cropped Pocket Pant w/ Elastic - Light Brown
  1. Mango Short Sleeve V Pocket Dress - Lemon



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Donalrey Nieva


Kathy Minh Bach

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