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March 2023

Ballet Waves with Frances Chung and Max Cauthorn

A series of movement and dance with Frances Chung and Max Cauthorn along the California coast, exploring the harmonious relationship between people and nature. Music score by Tuyến Bùi.

July 2020

A Room of One’s Own

A video by Thy Tran and Trang Doan. ‘A Room of One’s Own’ creates space to engage in dialogue with oneself—a necessary space of reflection. To be able to call a corner of the world one’s own, even if it may be just a small section of a room; to arrange things to one’s liking, which only becomes disorderly by one’s own doing is a pleasure. In this space, Chân Mày sits with their favorite things: a glass of wine, a green pomelo, a taro colored outfit and a white terrazzo bench. The room itself becomes a physical representation of one’s dreams; a quiet and safe space to sit in contemplation; enjoying the simplicity of singular gestures and the passing of time.

December 2019

Suboi in Kaarem, for "Bet on Me"

Suboi's new music video " BET ON ME" directed by Bradley Tangonan just launched. We are so honored to be part of her "coming home" while wearing a few pieces from Kaarem. Stills from "Bet on Me" video along with photography by Kaarem's creative director, Chuong Pham.

November 2018


A collection of shared moments in transition.Retracing the path of Bus 44 in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn.Visiting familiar places with a similar feel in a different time.

March 2018

Golden Forest

Video featuring Tracy Ju and directed by Andinh Ha and Bruce Thierry Cheung.

December 2016

KAAREM Presents: 11:59 Film

The Mollis Black Collection is designed with handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. Video by Andinh Ha featuring the mollis pieces in movement.

December 2016

A Visit to Mollis

A visit to a family-owned and operated mill in Tân Châu to view the handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. 

October 2015

Silk Production, Hà Đông

KAAREM presents Silk Production, a video by Lêna Bùi. Kaarem features handwoven silk in many pieces. We sourced this artisanal fabric directly from silk mills in Vietnam renowned for their traditional silk production methods. Using footage captured during a sourcing trip, Kaarem has produced a short video highlighting the handcrafted aspects of production at a silk mill in Hà Đông.

October 2015

KAAREM Presents: Ensemble

We collaborated with director Andinh Ha and musician Edgar Camago to create a kaleidoscopic landscape and soundscape of Saigon. The original composition was woven together using everyday sights and sounds that are seen, heard, and felt in our studio and its environment.

May 2015

KAAREM Presents: At Home

We want to celebrate the warmth of being at ease, to be restless, contemplative, playful, silly; that ability to feel at home in our own skin anywhere, everywhere.

March 2015

Scenes of Drifting

A video featuring Trang Pham during the shooting of the Drifting editorial.

November 2014

Waterfall: A Video by Pensacola

A Pensacola production for Kaarem. Directed by Andinh Ha and Bruce Thierry Cheung. Featuring Camilla Meng Engström.