A series photographed by Andinh Ha featuring An Vo in collaboration with Radnor.

At Material Interiors, a residential furniture exhibition curated by Radnor and co-curated by Workstead, a connection to nature is remembered in exploration of natural materials, forms, textures, and stories behind artisan-made objects.

Radnor was founded by Susan Clark in 2016 with the mission of fostering a community around meticulously made handcrafted products. Radnor was born out of Susan’s belief in the power of community and collaboration, and in the discoveries that are made possible through openness and exchange.

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KAAREM Presents: 11:59 Film

The Mollis Black Collection is designed with handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. This dyeing process is a traditional technique unique to An Giang province in the Mekong Delta. It requires craft and care, hand-dyeing the silk twice a day for 45 consecutive days. The handwoven silk, both raw and satin, are also naturally produced in Bảo Lộc, Việt Nam.

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