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Stories – April 2020

How to Make a Face Mask by Hand

We made a tutorial (with a downloadable pattern) on how you can make your own mask without a sewing machine, using commonly found fabric in your home.

Events – March 2020

A Note from Chuong & Kathy

We hope that you are doing as well as possible during this time and finding ways to take care of your families, communities and yourselves. Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to the future together.

Events – March 2020

Que Saigon temporarily closed

We’re so grateful that friends near and far have joined us in warming our space so far. The store is ~ 𝒃𝒚 𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚 ~ and the upstairs café is closed until further notice. We will keep you informed as things change. 

Events – March 2020

Hết Sẩy x Que by Kaarem

Que Upstairs is proud to invite Hết Sẩy, a wife and husband duo from San Jose, California. Duy An and Hieu focuses on the food and vibes from East Side San Jose (ESSJ) and the Mekong Delta. Join us this Friday, March 13th, 5-10pm, at Hết Sẩy's Pop-up in our Bình Thạnh space.

Events – February 2020

Get Together at Que

Que by KAAREM's upstairs space is opening for the first time this Friday and Saturday. We'll be serving cozy drinks and bread by Chuong. Rice wine cocktails, organic wines and homemade sourdough bread will be available for purchase.

Editorials – January 2020

The Barbican

A photography series by Angelo Calilap and Donalrey Nieva. Introducing Kaarem unisex styles, worn by Angelo and Donalrey at the Barbican Centre, a brutalist architectural gem in London.

Videos – December 2019

Suboi in Kaarem, for "Bet on Me"

Suboi's new music video " BET ON ME" directed by Bradley Tangonan just launched. We are so honored to be part of her "coming home" while wearing a few pieces from Kaarem. Stills from "Bet on Me" video along with photography by Kaarem's creative director, Chuong Pham.

Editorials – November 2019

In the Rain

A series photographed by Andinh Ha featuring Tasnim Ahmed. Life with color against a dark background, the gratitude of replenishment, a moment to look inward, the joy in a cup of hot tea and freedom to run where you please.

Editorials – November 2019


A photography series by Andinh Ha featuring Michelle Phanh.

Lookbooks – October 2019

Gừng Đen

Fall/Winter 2019 lookbook featuring model Nguyễn Thùy Dương.

Events – October 2019

Kaarem Pop-Up in San Francisco, Oct 24-27

We're excited to invite you to our first 4-day San Francisco pop-up in collaboration with our friends, Abacus Row and Studio Mondine, for the fourth installment of AR et al. Come visit us!

Events – October 2019

Cocoon / Silk Moth, 2019

We designed a Cocoon / Silk Moth costume, handcrafted in our studio, for Asian American Arts Alliance's Costumes, Couture & Cocktails silent auction benefit on October 22, 2019.We used our printed organza silk scraps from our nature print design series, to produce this artisanal piece. It can be worn as a costume, or ready-to-wear, and reversible to showcase the handstitch and folding.

Editorials – August 2019

Waterfall House by Donalrey Nieva

The sharp mid-afternoon rays of summer in the Catskills, a thunderous and mesmerizing backyard waterfall, and a 70's A-frame home made for an ideal setting to enjoy some of nature's finest theatre. A photography series by Donalrey Nieva.

Events – June 2019

Kaarem NYC Studio Sale

Join us for our Studio Sale in Dumbo Brooklyn this weekend June 28-30. Special prices on the collection + deals on seconds and last piece styles.

Editorials – April 2019


By spending time with florals, we develop a closeness with nature and explore its inward beauty. We see the perfection in imperfections and observe the interplay between light and shadow. We welcome spring with the constant Camellia and its foliage. Photography series in collaboration with Fernando Kabigting of FDK Florals, featuring Tracy Ju.

Editorials – March 2019

Vẩn Vơ

A series photographed by Amanda Tho Pham featuring Minh Hiếu.

Editorials – January 2019

Soft Current

In collaboration with Fernando Kabigting of FDK Florals, we drift into the soft current within a sea of grass. Featuring Tracy Ju and the new Xu Xa Collection.

Stories – January 2019

FIT Design Entrepreneurs 2019

We are excited to share that we are selected as one of the twenty-five designers for the FIT Design Entrepreneurs Program, Class of 2019.

Events – November 2018

Kaarem NYC Studio Sale

Join us for our Holiday Sale in our Dumbo Brooklyn studio this weekend Nov 30 - Dec 2. Special prices on the collection + deals on seconds and last piece styles.

Editorials – November 2018

Xà Cừ

The Xà Cừ trees (Khaya senegalensis) once lined Tôn Đức Thắng street, one of the oldest streets in the center of Sài Gòn. Many of the trees lining this road were planted since the late 1860s to early 1870s. It is often when things are lost that we start to notice them. Featuring our custom print, the Khaya Print, inspired by the barks of the Xà Cừ trees.

Stories – November 2018

Tamarind Coconut Milk Chocolate

For our fifth anniversary, we collaborated with Marou Chocolate, Vietnam’s premier pod-to-bar chocolate maker, to create a limited chocolate bar that brings together incredible flavors from Vietnam. Marou developed a custom chocolate highlighting in-season tamarind. Rice Creative, Marou’s long-time design partner, developed a packaging design that represents the collaboration: exquisite handcraft, layering, draping, and pure forms.

Videos – November 2018


A collection of shared moments in transition.Retracing the path of Bus 44 in Bình Thạnh, Sài Gòn.Visiting familiar places with a similar feel in a different time.

Events – November 2018

Dwelling in Critical Space Pop-Up at A/D/O

Join us as we launch "Dwelling in Critical Space," a new collection of products and exhibit new works from designers in the A/D/O community at The A/D/O Shop.Featuring works by Rosie Li Studio, Michael Yarinsky Studio, KAAREM, Misha Kahn, Brendan Timmins, Devra Freelander, Virginia Sin, and [reads]

Stories – October 2018

Lotus Seeds by Khoi Pham

We collaborated with illustrator Khoi Pham to create artwork in tandem with our five year anniversary celebration. Finding inspiration in Pam Yung’s menu for Kaarem, as well as his early childhood memories of Vietnam, Khoi illustrated five Vietnamese fruit/seed: Lotus, Durian, Tamarind, Kumquat, Persimmon.

Editorials – August 2018


A series photographed by Andinh Ha featuring An Vo in collaboration with Radnor.

Editorials – May 2018

Concrete Colors

A series featuring Michelle Phanh, photographed by Pavielle Garcia and styled by Diane Lin.

Videos – March 2018

Golden Forest

Video featuring Tracy Ju and directed by Andinh Ha and Bruce Thierry Cheung.

Lookbooks – February 2018


Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook featuring model Nguyễn Thùy Dương.

Editorials – December 2017

Light & Grey

A series featuring Michelle Phanh, photographed by Pavielle Garcia and styled by Diane Lin.

Editorials – July 2017

Sâm Nam

Introducing Xu Xa, a collection of pieces for any outfit or occasion.

Lookbooks – February 2017

Ẩn Màu

Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook featuring model Thuy Duong.

Videos – December 2016

KAAREM Presents: 11:59 Film

The Mollis Black Collection is designed with handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. Video by Andinh Ha featuring the mollis pieces in movement.

Videos – December 2016

A Visit to Mollis

A visit to a family-owned and operated mill in Tân Châu to view the handwoven silks that are organically dyed black with Diospyros mollis fruit. 

Editorials – December 2016


A series featuring Anna Gray in the Mollis Black Collection.

Lookbooks – September 2016


Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook featuring model Thuy Duong.

Editorials – May 2016


A collaboration with Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Anthom. Featuring Amanda Uribe.

Lookbooks – February 2016


Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook featuring model Nguyễn Thùy Dương.

Editorials – January 2016

Scales And Folds

A collaboration with Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Calico Wallpaper. Featuring Caroline Ventura.

Videos – November 2015

Silk Production, Hà Đông

KAAREM presents Silk Production, a video by Lêna Bùi. Kaarem features handwoven silk in many pieces. We sourced this artisanal fabric directly from silk mills in Vietnam renowned for their traditional silk production methods. Using footage captured during a sourcing trip, Kaarem has produced a short video highlighting the handcrafted aspects of production at a silk mill in Hà Đông.

Videos – October 2015

KAAREM Presents: Ensemble

We collaborated with director Andinh Ha and musician Edgar Camago to create a kaleidoscopic landscape and soundscape of Saigon. The original composition was woven together using everyday sights and sounds that are seen, heard, and felt in our studio and its environment.

Editorials – July 2015

Afternoon Fade

Moving to the pace of fading afternoon light. Featuring Tracy Ju, styled by Diane Lin and hair & make-up by Ayaka Nihei.

Videos – May 2015

KAAREM Presents: At Home

We want to celebrate the warmth of being at ease, to be restless, contemplative, playful, silly; that ability to feel at home in our own skin anywhere, everywhere.

Stories – April 2015

Mexico City with Vanha Lam

Vanha Lam is a San Francisco-based designer and researcher practicing at the intersection of art, architecture, and technology.

Editorials – March 2015

Biết Đâu Nguồn Cội | Drifting

Amidst the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Con Rùa and Công Viên Hoàng Văn Thụ are two of our favorite parks for a moment to ourselves. Comprised mostly of concrete and steel looming over ponds, the parks' water sculptures are havens for reflection. Featuring model Trang Pham.

Events – December 2014

Antique Street Opening

You are cordially invited to attend the opening reception of Antique Street, a lifestyle shop based in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Stories – October 2014

Ana Kraš by Marcelo Gomes

A few of photographer Marcelo Gomes' work for Human Being Journal Issue 5. Ana Kraš in selected Kaarem pieces, styled by Ali Breslin.

Editorials – August 2014

On Phú Quốc

There are so many reasons to love Phú Quốc. Striped dogs with webbed feet; mesmerizing patterns of yellow, orange, and purple on large rocks by the sea; rows and rows of pepper vines; deep red dirt roads bordering the island and a view of the vast blue horizon almost wherever we go.

Editorials – June 2014


Thanks to Nguyen Qui Duc's generosity we were able to photograph at his beautiful house in Tam Dao. This one-story modernist structure sits unobtrusively on the side of the mountain, offering breathtaking view of the valley, and blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors. Featuring model Lucia Lien.

Editorials – June 2014

Home with Jean

Jean's house. Tall ceilings, vast windows, Californian sun streaming through in abundance. In the mellow afternoon heat we lazed around, curled up, stretched out, luxuriating in the light, melancholic at the thought of leaving. Special thanks to Jean Guo and Roger Ayson.

Stories – April 2014

About Arianne

Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal are two young designers in Barcelona who have figured out how to beautifully combine the traditional shoe making skills of Spain with contemporary design. Our friend Scott Hayashida sat down with the About Arianne duo to learn more about their shoes.

Stories – January 2014

Array 1 to 9

ARRAY 1 to 9 is a video installation by Andinh Ha featuring performances that took place in New York, Los Angeles, HCMC, Ha Giang, and Berlin.

Events – November 2013

Kaarem & Tadioto Pop-Up

Tadioto presents a unique opportunity to shop and explore the world of Kaarem from now through the end of December 2013.

Editorials – October 2013


A visit from Honey Nguyen in our Saigon studio.